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Independent operator licence or compliance audit may be requested by The Traffic Commissioner in order to check the level of compliance of the operator.

This report must be impartial and completed by a competent person covering required standards. It is also important that the audited company understands the scope of the audit and the criteria they will be audited against in order to make necessary preparations. There is audits available on the market that may not meet the requirements set by The Traffic Commissioner, as they only represent an opinion of the auditor on certain aspects of the transport operation without covering full compliance requirements. Audits submitted to Traffic Commissioner must be of high standard and need to demonstrate required aspects, we have wealth of expertise in this matter and can provide comprehensive compliance audits.

It is also a good idea to audit your operation after major compliance improvements have been made in order to demonstrate change of company culture or to establish if there is any further improvements required. It is better to uncover these issues early before they are picked up by authorities!

Many people forget that all prohibition notices received by the operator need to be reported to Traffic Commissioner with explanation and improvement plan. It is strongly advisable that the rectifying action is backed up by independent audit.

It is a good practice to undertake regular auditing to monitor compliance level – this helps you to find out the issues before they appear in front of DVSA and Traffic Commissioner

Our Auditing solutions include:

  • Operator’s Licence Audits for Traffic Commissioner          

  • Maintenance Arrangements Audit

  • Driver’s Hours Requirements Audit

  • Basic Operator Licence Audit – “Light Audit”

  • Desktop Audit – Popular and extremely affordable self-assessment audit giving a snapshot of your compliance situation.


We can deliver various auditing solutions tailored to your compliance needs and budget. Call us for a non-obligation quote!

There are many audits available on the market however, not all of them cover necessary scope and have required criteria to be approved by The Traffic Commissioner. Our reports have been tested and deliver easy to read feedback and recommendations which are proven to be of very good value to operators.

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