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 Justitia the Roman goddess of Justice.j
Traffic Commissioner can call the operators to a public hearing called Public Inquiry in order to review the suitability of the operator to hold the licence.

This is often triggered by poor compliance record of the operator and can lead to revocation of the operator’s licence!

Traffic Commissioner can call the operator for a Public Inquiry in order to gather more evidence to help them establish if the O’licence application can be granted or refused. Disciplinary action can also be taken against existing operators who can find their licence to be revoked, suspended or the number of authorised vehicles curtailed at the PI. Not only the company can be affected but also the responsible people can be disqualified from holding the operator’s licence. This includes people with significant control, directors, transport managers and drivers who may find their vocational licence suspended or removed.

For transport business being called to the PI is a serious matter and it must not be taken lightly! Appearing in front of Traffic Commissioner without prior preparation and support is likely to lead to negative consequences for the operator’s licence which affects entire business. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to seek professional advice including legal support as soon as possible. It is often the case that meaningful action taken by the company to recover or establish required compliance standards makes the difference between keeping or retaining the operator’s licence or good repute. We have wealth of experience in this area and know exactly the steps to take to boost your chances of getting the positive outcome! If you were called to a PI every day matters so trust the professionals and give us a call for a non-obligation consultation. We can address the problem, fast!

If you were called to Public Inquiry your licence is at serious risk! Immediate remedial action is required to improve your chances of keeping your O’licence!


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