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Standard national and international licence holders are required to demonstrate professional competence by employing qualified transport manager, in other words a CPC holder. This person brings necessary knowledge and is responsible for ensuring operator’s licence undertakings are met. In many cases this person is not directly employed by the company but acts as an external transport manager. It is important that necessary contract and adequate level of authority is exercised by external TM.


We are Maidenhead based company and have local Transport Managers available for hire in Maidenhead, Slough Reading, Colnbrook and Heathrow areas.We also have extensive range of Transport Managers available across entire united Kingdom.

Restricted operator licence holders are not required to engage a transport manager however, they are required to meet the same compliance standards. It is therefore strongly recommended to be up to date with current requirements and complete all the necessary tasks the transport manager would do. The easiest way to cover this issue is to hire external consultant to look after your operator licence.

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